Sunday, March 23, 2008

Emma Holly

Emma Holly is one of my favorite erotic fiction writers. Ms. Holly pulls no punches and leaves no ground uncovered. As a straight woman, I was a little shocked and a bit uncomfortable when I first read her. But the more I read, the more comfortable I became. She writes for all of us; hetero, homo, lesbian and bi. She makes no judgements and instills in us, the reader, the sense of love and longing of one character for another, equally, with no regard for sexual preference, or perhaps, despite said preference.
I just finished Cooking Up a Storm, a decidedly sexual feast the likes of which I've never read before. This was not my favorite of Ms. Holly's ventures, but it has it's moments. The main character is a young, repressed woman on the verge of losing her family restaurant. Enter Storm Dupre`, a chef extraordinare, with a penchant for bringing out ones sexual independence. Armed with a menu of nothing but aphrodisiacs, his job is easy. Unfortunately, his heart gets in the way while trying to free the restaurants owner of her own repression.
This book is loaded with bondage, bisexuality, multiple partners, voyeurism and exibitionism. Definitely not for everyone, but for you more adventuresome readers, give it a try.
Another book to try is Strange Attractions. This one is the first of Ms Holly's books that I read. Charity, a high school dropout, has the chance to go to college for free. However, she must move in to her eccentric benefactor's mansion and play by his rules. Dr. Grantham is a physicist, enthralled with the unattainable and tests his students to see how long they can hold back from what they desire before they break.
Denied desire, BDSM, homosexuality, and mutliple partners. You don't have to actually partake in any of it to enjoy the story.

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