Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Laurell K Hamilton

Who can write a blog about Paranormal Romance and not start the list with Laurel K Hamilton? Well, not me anyway. LKH’s Anita Blake & Meredith Gentry Series’, however, are not for the faint of heart. Anita is a tough as nails necromancer that carries a Walther PP9 (just like James Bond) and is carrying on an affair with several of her paranormal cohorts. Now, I know that sounds really promiscuous, but if it’s really bothering you, she has her reasons. First, she’s part of a Triumvirate; a trio that holds, as yet, untold powers. She also happens to be the female counterpart to a werewolf leader, a vampire much older than she is bound to her and she has inadvertently adopted a leopard pack. She’s acquiring vampire attributes and must cater to them. It’s really quite interesting how it all plays out. The Anita Blake Series, sixteen books so far, is so absorbing, you find yourself finished with one book way too early and craving the next.
Now the Meredith Gentry Series comes from a seriously strange and fertile mind. Meredith is Princess and heir to the throne of the fairies. Not those cute little winged girls you’re thinking of. Oh, no. Her aunt, the Queen is immeasurably sadistic for starters. In order for Meredith to take her place on the throne she must give birth to an heir herself. However, the only ones allowed to impregnate her are the queens own guards. To make matters worse, her cousin, the Queens’ son, stands to inherit in her place if she doesn’t become pregnant. Through all sorts of twisted court intrigue and a palace that moves its’ walls at will, Meredith will keep you rooting for her and hoping your favorite guard is the father of the next heir. Only six books so far, but I’m sure there are plenty more to come.

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